Piece of My Peace Pottery

A Message from Judy

My business name, Piece of my Peace Pottery, truly expresses my joy of working with clay. There is something very soothing about feeling the clay under my fingers and responding to my touch. I like that I can share my peace through my creations. I have always loved art, but it was only as my children grew older that I was truly able to pursue ceramics. Most of my instruction has been through the Indianapolis Art Center where I now teach both adult and teen classes. I have been in many area shows including Broadripple Art Fair, Penrod, and Talbot, as well as some regional shows for the last 15 years. My work can be found at Art IN Hand Gallery in Zionsville, IN.

About Stoneware Pottery

I work in stoneware clay and fire to over 2300 degrees in a gas reduction firing. The resulting work is functional and hopefully will find its way to your table. All my work is food safe, lead free. It can be washed in the dishwasher. It is microwave safe, but stoneware will retain heat, so use caution when removing it from the microwave. Most important is that all stoneware is subject to thermal shock. This means you should heat your pieces up with the oven rather than placing in a preheated oven. With these few cautions, you should be able to enjoy your pottery for many years!

Contacting Judy

If you think you might be interested in purchasing one of my pieces, you can do so either in person or online. If you have any questions about my work, please send me an email via the form on the contact page, or reach through my facebook page.